My goal has always been to help businesses get better results from their web assets. While part of my company provides design, development, and hosting services, we live what we preach; I also offer consulting services to a number of businesses worldwide to help them optimize their website performance.

Ways I can help your business:

  • Advocate for you with providers so you have someone helping you get honest advice
  • Evaluating your current website and providing insight into its performance
  • Scoping, strategy and planning services
  • Conversion (whole of site) optimisation
  • Performance evaluation (speed, technology, tools)



If you have read our Complete Guide to Website Planning then you know creating a comprehensive plan is a lot of work.

We offer a full or piece by piece service to help you build a complete Scope of Works and Brief for your Web Project.

At the end of the process, you will have a document set you can use to get quotes from and build a successful project.

There is no obligation to use Ireckon in the development process and everything is produced in an open format for your use. Your Plan. You own it.


I call it one-on-one coaching. Using video chat, we discuss anything about your site that you want to discuss.

Many times I start these sessions with a short evaluation of the site, to trigger key questions from the client. Typically this is a way to help business owners or marketing executives get some very honest outside perspectives about their website/s.

I don’t hide away from hard truths, but this doesn’t mean I don’t offer suggestions on how to improve things. Many of my clients that start with one-on-one sessions then go on to using Ireckon to provide more strategic planning services.

Location/Timezone don’t matter for these sessions. I can accommodate most people, and you can book these online. Simple 50 minute sessions.