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Chatbots have been in use in different forms since their existence. They are automated service robots that help users navigate through different communication channels. The application of bots can vary from functional to fun, and can be implemented in major chat products.

Chatbots have the ability to interpret human speech as well as written queries and decide which information is being searched for.

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Before we see how Chatbots can enhance your app, let’s see what Chatbots really are?


Chatbots are the computer programs that enable to carry out conversations with people using lightweight messaging app UI.Chatbots make use of high level artificial intelligence and are indistinguishable from actual human conversation. They can be used to perform variety of functions within realm of interaction with customer, advertising and marketing initiatives.


Let’s find out how Chatbots can enhance your website…..


1. Carry out specialized tasks

Chatbots are replacing the need for downloadable apps, as they are integrated into a viable platform. They can do things that humans chat wouldn’t necessarily be able to accomplish easily. Many companies have been interacting with Chatbots for years, replacing the need of downloadable apps.


Third-party companies are starting to leverage bots to perform specialized tasks like – checking bank accounts, book tickets via text messages etc. The increased level of automation obviously increases the business processes, reducing IT dependency and increasing overall performance.


2. Customer service

Customer service and support is one of the popular ways to use Chatbots, especially in the world of responsive website development. You can provide a personalized and convenient customer service option for customers. There is a significant growth in messaging apps, compared to social apps. This can be used by integrating your app into the site.


Chatbots can initiate conversions with the customers who are browsing your site and offer personalized recommendations for advanced issues that need to be handled by your CRM. Since the Chatbots can take care of basic, moderate and difficult level tasks, the CRM just need to respond to complex requests.


3. Increase conversion rates

Today, millions of people are using mobile apps and the conversion rates are much low on those devices. It is estimated that more than 60% conversions happen on desktops and laptops compared to smartphones. Boosting the conversions can result in a major revenue increase —-and the best way to achieve this is Chatbots.


Though mobile users already use messengers to communicate, they are not as effective as Chatbots. Using Chatbots, you can talk to the customers on the same communication channel they are already using —- without the need to switch channel. Customers can get immediate answers on their queries on Chatbots, instead of waiting hours for email response.


4. Payments

Chatbots can handle payments in an effective way. Now, it is very convenient to go through the sales funnel and make a purchase without anybody’s help. Chatbots have automated funnels that can go through the customer acquisition phase to confirm the purchase. All you need to do is just check the website and ask a Chatbot to help pick out an item and pay for it without any interaction.


The Chatbot then sendsfollow-up information with racking details. Chatbots are integrated with payment gateways for the benefit of e-commerce sites.


5. Automation

With the increasing demand of mobile apps, you may need to automate as many as tasks as possible. This allows your employees to work on important tasks, instead of getting bagged down by repetitive jobs. The speed ofChatbots results in faster response of customer queries.Moreover, you get a constant response when you automate tasks with Chatbots.


The best thing is that Chatbots can take care of all the basic things that are needed to run your business. You can even create Chatbots to message customers the same information you are mailing.



6. Enhances customer engagement

Chatbots give companies an opportunity to engage with customers in new ways. Today,companies need not to spend much time as they become an important part of conversion, rather than interruption. Customers can be reached in one-to-one and highly personalized approach. For example- if you are traveler who is annoyed by flight delays or gate changes, you can get help from Chatbot. Chatbots can alter the passenger of a change by connecting directly with customer service to provide updated information.


Customers who use smartphones have an expectation of simple and easy to use interfaces. Chatbots will streamline the operations and automate tasks, and transform the business decisions you make.


7. website navigation

When there are lot of difficulties in terms of UI/UX, Chatbots can help simplify the navigation for users based on their preferences. For example, if you have an website that sells computers, a bot can suggest them based on their browsing experience. The users don’t have to go hunting through different menus. This potentially increases the conversion rates.


It is important to recognize the context of Chatbots in evolution of UI models. With the Chatbots, users don’t have to learn anything. They are the best practices for organizing the web application and navigation in a mobile app.


8. Robust push notifications

Push notifications are no doubt the best ways for messaging the users outside the website. However, users close them without going through the details and they land on a page with no guidance. By attaching Chatbot to push notifications, users can have an interactive experience. You are not just sending information to the users, but gathering relevant data. They can create dynamic segments based on how users respond to push notifications, allowing you to personalize the website in a better way.


9. A/B testing

There are a number of things to do to testmessaging in your website.Performing A/B testing in Chatbots allow you to send different messages that perform different tasks. Whether you are sending messages for product updates, advertising, call conversion or any other thing, you can compare the results in real time. Chatbots have super powers over websites and hence you should run A/B tests and update the Chatbots copy every week.


Chatbots allow you to do A/B testing with individuals, instead of testing a product with group of people. You will be provided a personalized solution, rather than an average solution.



Chatbots can enhance your website and help your business grow. They can do a lot than you think of. A Chatbot can ask users opinions in real time and let you capture valuable information. It can even prompt the user to share their experience through a rating on the website store.


Chatbots are a great way to engage customers. They will feel like they are talking to you, if created properly. There are countless benefits of Chatbots that have yet to be discovered.


Google Tag Manager is a simple tool that helps us to track the goals, events, and conversion without disturbing the website. It gives us flexibility. Without much dependency of the developers, this can be achieved by even a non-developer. Isn’t that cool?

So here we go, let’s discuss about the Advantages, Features and much more about Google Tag Manager. Understanding GTM will help any Digital Marketing Agency improve their client’s website performance and tracking events..

Why you want to use Google Tag Manager?

Though we are using the analytics to track our audience, Google tag manager provides you the accurate result by adding Google Analytics (GA) code in GTM instead of adding it in web pages. It has the option of adding the tags with different modules that we are using in day today life: to track the visitors, enquiry and conversions.

GTM gives us option to track events also from third party; it has features of tracking specific page, or click event that want us to track.  To see the tag that is available in GTM, you can login with Gmail and view the tags that are available in GTM.  Listed are a few options that GTM gives us:

  • Universal Analytics – Google Analytics
  • Classic Google Analytics – Google Analytics
  • AdWords Conversion Tracking – AdWords
  • AdWords Remarketing – AdWords
  • DoubleClick Floodlight Counter – DoubleClick
  • DoubleClick Floodlight Sales – DoubleClick
  • Google Optimize – Google Optimize
  • Google Surveys Website Satisfaction – Google Surveys

Here are a few reasons to use Google Tag Manager

  • Improves the website speed,
  • Maintains high security,
  • Extremely flexible for non developers,
  • Debug options,
  • Version can be controlled and it has a log that asks every time you publish the changes and creates a history for the actions made on the website or webpage.

Options used in GTM:

  1. Tag firing option: We can control the tag how it can be triggered in a web page. It can be viewed in the advanced settings of tag definitions in a web container. You can select any of these following like unlimited, once per event, and once per page.
  2. Preview option: Preview option is used to check the added content live on the webpage and it can be changed if the preview highlights issues. That said we can fix the issues immediately.
  3. Adding Custom HTML: There is an option in GTM to add custom html.It can be used in the scripts for adding any third party websites to track the events in your website.
  4. Custom Image Tag: It helps you to manage your image with custom trigger and parameters.

To learn more and work with Google Tag Manager implementation, Contact us. We will help you get through the difficulties you face with the CTM or Digital Marketing as a whole. Please leave your comments below on your experience with GTM if any and how it helped you boost your websites performance.


Whether you’re doing the work yourself or hiring a web designers in Nigeria, the end result should be unique to your business and ultimately benefit your company through revenue growth and traffic increases. The internet contains millions of websites, a large percentage of those being businesses. Small or large, each of those businesses must have a competitive edge that draws customers in.

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A website is meant to gives information. Keeping your website’s content up to date and updated constantly key to your website online success over other business offering the same business with you.

. On the other hand, the benefits from doing so – especially the long term benefits worth the efforts and cost.

Before i go on, if your website is built on a content management system, then you are a step ahead. But, if you are not sure about what your developer used in building your website, then be sure we can help you with a content management system.