1. Run an Online Contest.

Running a contest on your website and social media channels is one of the most effective ways of attracting and engaging with customers. Make sure the competition is promoted on all your social media channels, and create a separate landing page to capture visitor statistics.

2. Ask Questions.

Everyone has an opinion. Encourage people to have their say on your site by asking questions on topics they are interested in. These could be based on the geographic location of your target audience, be a discussion of solutions to common problems they face, or asking their thoughts on a recent business development. People who respond to online questions have a higher level of engagement.

3. Promote your Customer’s Products or Services.

Pay it back by helping out your loyal customers – offer to promote their business on your website. Here at Dotline  Digital Technologies we do this for our clients by promoting their websites on our social media channels and Apart from keeping valued customers happy, this process also helps the client’s site to rank higher on search engines.

4. Follow your customer’s social media profiles.

An inexpensive way to engage with your customers is to follow their own social media profiles. If you are monitoring their blog and other announcements, then commenting and sharing will remind them of your existence, while building goodwill at the same time.

5. Use Client Case Studies on Your Blog.

Customers will be more likely to engage in discussions on your site if you present a case study on their business, or a business they are familiar with. These don’t have to be lengthy or complicated, merely outline the customer’s business and how you have been working with them to achieve their goals.

Customer engagement is becoming more important in the online world, as people increasingly make their purchase decisions via online recommendations or reviews from other users. Clever use of your social media can help boost the results you achieve online.

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